Team building or team development? Our CONOUT checklist will help you decide.

Checklist: Team building or team development?

Basically, a distinction is made between team development and team building. Which measure is suitable for your team depends on the objective. The following two questions need to be answered: What do you want to achieve with your team? What should be different afterwards? To make the decision easier for you, we have designed a checklist, which we provide in this article.

Originally, the term teambuilding means the creation (building) of a team – an initiation event, so to speak. In our experience, however, this term is also used for the “maintenance” or “strengthening” of an existing team. However, the action is then usually limited to a day “out of the office”. This in itself is always purposeful. People can let themselves be “discovered” by their colleagues, but this is often not sufficient or does not meet the needs and requirements of the team and its members.

Therefore, many executives and also personnel developers decide in favor of team building – although team development would often be more appropriate.

In order to make the decision easier, we have created the following checklist for a targeted decision according to which you can select the appropriate event form:

Of course, this list is not complete and does not replace a consultation – however, it should already create a feeling in advance, when and under what conditions which event form makes sense.

However, when analyzing, keep in mind that you are not only incorporating your own point of view, but also that of the team members and their wishes.

Accordingly, the fundamental goal of any event should be to create clarity and answer the question:

With whom do I do what, in what context and for what purpose?

If everyone in the team can answer this question and the answers are similar / the same, then a strong basis is laid for a successful and satisfying time.

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