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Team building or team development? Our CONOUT checklist will help you decide.
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  • Team Development
23. August 2021
The question of whether team development or team building makes more sense for you depends on the objective. The following two questions need to be answered: What do you want to achieve with your team? What should be different afterwards? To help you decide, we have designed a checklist that we provide in this article.
Conout_TDK_Blogpost: Going Virtual - How TDK & CONOUT adapted its training program to ensure continuous Leadership Development
6. August 2021
The pandemic required us to rethink the way we set up our well-established leadership trainings. We had to move away from in-person gatherings and had to enter a new space – the virtual space! How we used and still continue to use this new space abundant with opportunities and limitations for our trainings – including fundamentals like collaboration and networking exercises – you can read in the following interview.

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